Sunday, 13 May 2012

*blows off the cobwebs*

Oh dear neglected dolls houses (and blog), you shall languish no longer! Although I have been busy launching my new business my soul is crying out for a little mini-me time.
I've just returned from a visit to London for Kensington Dollshouse Festival and my enthusiasm is all fired up again. I've all these treasures but until the houses are finished there is nowhere to put them. No more! I will crack on and get them done!

I'm waiting on a special piece I bought at Kensington to be delivered before I take swag photos, but until then the curious may like to take a peek at my actual real-size house. I was interviewed for the splendid Domythic Bliss blog a little while ago and you can read all about my home and take a tour. Go explore the rest of the blog too for inspiration - Domythic is definitely the category my houses large and small fall into!


  1. I think I'll hereby follow your blog as it seems very beautiful and you have a cute black cat it seems.

  2. Glad to hear it :)
    I have indeed got a cute black cat!

  3. What a beautiful home that hai.Non I never imagined that your life, your job, your house, your dollhouses were so in tune. I was enchanted.