Monday, 12 September 2011

Progress. And Wait.

This is where I am right now: The walls have been rendered with Limestone stone coat (which looks great), the stone window surrounds, chimneys and roof pinnacles are painted in sandstone stone coat (also good), and the quoins and main chimney stack have been rendered with the stone compound (which while a little on the tricky side, was actually easier than I'd anticipated. But would have been immeasurably easier if I had a can of spray mount which wasn't a billion years old and only capable of oozing a gelatinous blob of glue when I tried spraying!). I need to paint the window frames (I've settled on Sage green/grey now) and age the stonework. And do the roof. And lots of other things. But it is sadly all on hold for the next few weeks as the room the house is standing in is being redecorated, and I've had to shroud it in dust sheets. So, I'll be right back to it just as soon as I can...


  1. Thanks! Long way to go yet, but I'm getting there :)

  2. I love it too! It's starting to look amazing.