Thursday, 4 August 2011

Welcome - And An Update

Just a quick note to say hello and welcome to the new followers!
I am still busily painting away, although I have just run out of paint (argh! That stone coat paint looks wonderful, but takes many, many more coats than it says on the tin!). I'm itching to get on with it - I have to get all the messy work done to the house before the (full size) room I am working in is redecorated. Despite my best efforts I still manage to splash paint around and I can't do that once the carpet goes in...
I'm also struggling against my self-imposed miniatures budget... does anyone else have to limit themselves? I could so easily spend ££££s every year, but instead try to stick to £200 per year (plus whatever kind relatives may pass my way each birthday). Usually it works, but since I'm mid-decorating it would be so easy to overspend on wallpapers and fireplaces and all the other things I need! I've virtually spent up, and it is only August. Oh to be rich! (Well rich enough to be able to afford to splurge on frivolous things like dolls houses anyway!)


  1. There is always more minis than money for me too! It's why I'm not getting much done lately. Still it's better that neither of us ends up on the bread line because of minis!

  2. Very true! Although I suppose if things got really desperate you could always sell your miniatures (fingers crossed this never happens!!!).

  3. There's always something to want - it is fun to find things at bargain prices - that just fit. Also, I am on a quest to make what we have better - find it quite enjoyable.

  4. Very true Kathy! I think I'm just on the impatient side and what it all now :)