Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A New Look

I decided to take the summer off from blogging, hence the lack of updates around here. I have been continuing to work on Mooredge Manor though! It took ages for the new paints to arrive so I'm a little behind schedule. So far the limestone render and sandstone details have been painted. This week I plan to begin adding the stone quoins and chimney stack, using the brick compound and stencils. I've never used this before and all the tutorials show it being worked on flat pieces prior to assembly... fingers crossed it goes OK and I don't mess everything up!

I've also been playing around with the look of the blog itself. The background is the 'I Love Little Pussy' wallpaper designed by CFA Voysey in 1898. This is available as a full-size wallpaper from Trustworth Studios. Their collection is jaw-droppingly gorgeous - and I wish it came in miniature! I particularly like 'Whoot' and 'Bat and Poppy'.


  1. Hallo! I’ve been following your blog with a lot of interest as I’ve also got an Elphin Lodge, but I’ve found that you can only comment if you have a blog yourself – blog duly set up but have NO idea how to upload photos or anything! I’m doing my lodge as a sort of run-down residence of a curate and his family, set in the 1950’s but with remnants of the arts and crafts décor of former residents. The outside’s nearly finished, bricked with homemade sandpaper bricks. The slates are cheap cardboard ones painted with a sort of metallic iron colour paint which sounds wrong but looks really good, and I’m making decorative fimo ridge tiles. I’ve made an indoor loo, accessible from the upper landing, and am going to make a ceiling in the large bedroom so as to have an attic. Good luck with your progress! Mine is slow due to a toddler, a baby, and another baby due! Sally

  2. HI Sally, I'm still working out how to use blogger myself, but you can upload photos directly from your computer by clicking the little picture icon next to 'link' on the posting page. I'd love to see pictures though! It's such an unusual house and I love seeing how different people's projects turn out.
    I've considered making another attic in the main bedroom too... just so I can squeeze in a spiral staircase I think!
    Good luck with yours too - my little one is nearly three and likes to help with my house, meaning of course progress is very slow at times!