Monday, 18 July 2011

Painting In Progress

I'm at that 'putting lots of work in, but it doesn't really look like it' stage with Mooredge Manor. I've been painting and sanding and filling gaps and sanding and painting for weeks now and it still doesn't look like much. I'm also at the 'oh no, I hope I haven't made a huge mistake' stage - I've found it rather disheartening the amount of work I've had to do to get a semi-decent finish. I think going from Tanglewood which was CAD designed and laser cut in MDF to Mooredge, which is hand made in plywood, has given me unrealistic expectations about the amount of prep work I need to do. I've come to the conclusion that most of the surfaces will have to be covered with wallpaper or render since whatever I do the painted areas still look like roughly painted wood! But on I go...

So far, it's been primed inside and out, the roof has had a grey wash to give me an idea of the final colours and the interior ceilings have been painted. This week I'll start applying the lime stone render to the outside. Fingers crossed I get over the 'oh no' stage quickly. I want to enjoy this!

To distract myself I've just finished a little mini project - I bought this cheap and cheerful book trough, sandpapered all the gloopy varnish off and re-stained and oiled it. It's come up quite nicely, and makes a good home for these splendid Treefeathers books.


  1. Good luck with it! I'm sure everything will go fine with it and you'll soon feel right as rain and happy again.

  2. Thank you! I think it's passing already... just needed to sleep on it I think!

  3. Progress is still progress, no matter how slow. And then you get to the fun part of decorating! It's a great house, so I am sure it will be worth the time and effort.

  4. Thanks Shannon! I've started on the limestome finish on the outside now and it's suddenly looking 'real' for me, so I'm all excited again. I'm so so so looking forward to the interior decoration though!

  5. Todos tus trabajos son muy hermosos.
    Un abrazo