Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Perfect Paintings in Miniature

I've been taking a little break from miniatures whilst on holiday in Devon (where I got to indulge in two other favourite obsessions, knitting and faeries). But I'm home now and plan to make a start on Mooredge Manor this week. Nothing major though, I'll just be filling holes and sanding, ready for the priming next week (at least, I hope!).
I just wanted to share a link to a British artist who paints the most wonderful miniature reproductions of Pre-Raphaelite and other artists work. I'm not usually fond of miniature repros since they mostly never manage to capture the spirit of the original, but Linda McBreen's examples are absolutely lovely. I would love to fill the walls of the Manor with Waterhouses and Millais' in 12th scale.  Actually, I'd love to fill my life-size house with them too, but since my budget doesn't stretch that far I will have to settle for miniature!

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  1. hello beautiful! yes shame i missed meeting you at faery fest!
    ah i did see your pretty face though! :D hehe
    hearts & peasblossom petals xoxo