Monday, 27 June 2011

Edwardian Era Miniatures

Proving yet again the universe always provides what you most need at the time you most need it, is the timely publication of Jane Harrop's new book Edwardian Era Miniatures. Having despaired at the distinct lack of Arts & Crafts furniture available I'd resigned myself to making my own. While I have a pretty good idea of what I want, I wasn't really looking forward to all the trial and error of working out how to make them. Enter Jane, who has done the hard work for me - the book contains a wealth of plans for furniture and accessories, much of it Arts & Crafts inspired, for every room of the house. I particularly like the simple little occasional table, the hallstand and dining table. There are apparently furniture kits forthcoming too, which will be excellent for people like me who cannot cut wood in a straight line! I've made a couple of Jane's kits in the past and they're super easy and can be finished however you want. I'm really looking forward to creating some of these lovely projects for Mooredge Manor.

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