Thursday, 24 March 2011

Still Here! Still Roofing!

I just wanted to say a quick hello to the new people that are following this blog. I am still here and work is still progressing on the houses... just really REALLY slowly. In between flu, epic spring cleans and just general busyness I'm having to snatch time to work on the houses where I can. I'm still ironing tiles onto the roof of Tanglewood Lodge - a job I can only do when my husband has taken our son out for a walk, because toddlers and hot irons really don't mix! When Max is here he is very helpful and likes to 'paint' the house with a dry paintbrush and poke things through the open windows! Perhaps I need to get him a dolls house of his own?!

Here is an in progress picture - I've finished half the roof, but it's amazing what a difference it's made already. The beams need touching up here and there and the whole thing needs weathering and landscaping... then there is just the interior to do.


  1. What an amazing project this is Bryony! ♥
    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. Eeek!! It looks amazing! Seriously love this house!

    PS I know about slow...

  3. Stunning!!! what a incredible house and project Bryony .. hours must fly by .. Lib xx @Libithina

  4. Aw~ Your son is cute! It looks like he's really having a good time helping you in building those houses! Do you let him paint the houses whatever color he wants? I mean, a child's imagination can actually create good designs. He should just be extra careful in doing so.

    -Nolan Anderson