Monday, 14 February 2011

An Arts & Crafts Dresser

I actually found something from the Dolls House Emporium that I like! This dresser is from their Charles Rennie Mackintosh range and it's a lovely shape. Sadly it is finished in that gloopy brown varnish as so many of the DHE items are. (Complete with areas where dust and fibres have stuck to it, quality control anyone?!).  I've decided to give it a makeover - either remove the varnish completely and restain and wax it, or if getting rid of the varnish is too tricky, I think it would look nice painted. I think I will add new handles and perhaps strap hinges on the larger door too.
I'm very taken with the painted furniture in William Morris' Red House, although they are far more grand and imposing than this! I did a quick websearch and this dresser from the collections of the Te Papa museum in New Zealand is quite similar. I like that the doors are made from boards rather than framed, (and that adzed finish is just gorgeous!). I could replace the doors, which means strap hinges would work better...

But anyway, this is a project that has to wait until after I finish those roof tiles!

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