Monday, 20 September 2010

Pear Tree Miniatures

I've just received my latest parcel of goodies from Pear Tree Miniatures. The talented Barbara Moore makes beautiful carved wooden furniture inspired by historical pieces. Luckily for me, she will also rise to the challenge of making bespoke items, which in my case are a mish-mash of historical and fantasy inspirations.
These include a Unicorn Rocking Horse, a Glastonbury Chair carved with acorns and oak leaves (and Barbara's first attempt at this type of chair), a Gothic inspired trestle table (the only catalogue piece) and a matching settle (which combines elements of a few different designs). All of these beauties are bound for Tanglewood Lodge (when I finally finish decorating it! Just tackling the lighting now, and gearing myself up for attaching the 1000's of shingles on the roof...).

1 comment:

  1. The furniture is lovely! It makes me want to start a medieval doll house for my daughter.