Monday, 16 August 2010

The Highwayman Hideaway

I want to share a project I started many years ago when I was feeling dolls house deprived (I was living in a rented flat 300 miles away from my main dolls house, which was still at my mum's). I built the cottage from scraps of MDF and liberal amounts of pollyfiller spread over the walls. I deliberately exaggerated the pitch of the roof for a more interesting shape (although in retrospect I think it was a bit too extreme!). The house opened at the side and had a landscaped area on the other side covered in handmade miniature heather bushes. My idea was the cottage was an isolated, windswept moorland croft which a highwayman used as a bolt hole. I made the furniture and the contents are from a number of different makers.

I'm now in my own house and the Highwayman Hideaway is being stored at my mum's. It never did get a roof, and all the contents have been recycled into other houses. I'm undecided about what to do with it - perhaps turn it into a faery house to live in the garden? Or maybe I will finish it off as I originally intended? It's a project for another day anyway!

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