Tuesday, 6 July 2010


As I mentioned before, the place where all my dollshouses are set is a village called Mooredge-in-the-Mist. It is a Neverwhen kind of place, old fashioned by 21st century standards, but mixing up the technologies and fashions of a multitude of periods. It is also a faerie land where magic interweaves with everyday life and your next-door neighbour is more than likely a witch, or an elf (possibly both).

The name is of course inspired by Hope Mirrlees excellent novel Lud-in-the-Mist. Another big influence is Stardust, although Mooredge-in-the-Mist is more fully in Faerie than either Lud or Wall. I also like elements of the magical world as portrayed in the Harry Potter universe.

As I see it, Mooredge-in-the-Mist consists of quaint timber-framed and mellow stone dwellings, nestling in a valley surrounded by moorland and wild woods. Lack of space decrees I will only be able to bring to life a fraction of this enchanted village, but projects so far include:

Mooredge Manor
Home of Lady Gloriana Greenwood, eccentric spinster, amateur photographer and artist. Her 'little man' Brownie Goodfellow keeps the house in order and sleeps in the attic.

Tanglewood Lodge
The lodge lies at the end of Appleimp Lane, just at the edges of the village before the road disappears into the woods. It is home to Elvine and Aubrey Underhill. Elvie is a hedgewitch, and one of the lodge's rooms acts as her still room where she mixes up her herbal remedies. She also has a soft spot for animals and takes in injured and orphaned strays (who usually end up staying, like the fox and owl). Aubrey is a forest keeper and woodworker.

The Highwayman's Hideaway
A tiny windswept croft high in the moors. It is used as a bolt hole by a notorious highwayman who haunts the road over the moor into Mooredge in the Mist.

And Future Projects...

Rosa Sofia's Caravan
Travelling Gypsy Witch, Teller of Fortunes (Love Spells a Speciality).

The Faerie Market
Stalls will include a Wand and Staff Makers; Stones & Crystals; Herbs; Magical Creatures; Flying Carpets...

Crowcairn Tower
The home and workshop of the Wizard Crowcairn.


  1. I was not wrong the first impression received. Our respective blog, albeit with a different aesthetic, may have a twinning. Even my blog and my future project dollhouse (okay, I need one dollhouse), inspired by a novel and will be inhabited by two pre-Raphaelite artists.

  2. Sounds lovely, pre-Raphaelites are always going to be a winner with me!
    Also, is that Rodmarton Manor I spy on the top right of your blog? I visited there this summer and it is indeed a secret and magical garden...

    1. I chose this painting because I would like to build a garden and then I remembered Kelmscott. I did not know this other home. I went immediately to see her. It 's beautiful! Thank you for taking a look at my blog.