Monday, 28 June 2010

In Anticipation...

I have just this day sent a deposit for this most glorious of dollshouses. 'The Lodge' is made by George Parker of Elphin Dollshouses. Sadly, I have to wait until September before it will be ready, but until then I will be eagerly planning decoration schemes and furnishings, all of which I intend to document here.
Although I really, really don't need another dollshouse, I feel this one just had to be mine. I first saw it advertised in an issue of Dolls House World many years ago, but then the Elphin website had since disappeared and I assumed Elphin had gone out of business. Then last month, whilst trying to avoid the rain, I wandered into some canal-side workshops in Hebden Bridge that I rarely visit. I can't tell you how excited I was to notice that one of these workshops was home to a dollshouse maker, and yes, it was Elphin!

From the Elphin Brochure: Based on an 1840’s pattern book dwelling, this unusual house has 5 rooms, a full height hall and a conservatory. The house offers interesting views on every side and the rooms are accessed through 4 opening panels on 3 sides.

I have ordered The Lodge with an additional room, a small attic space above the hallway with a staircase leading from the 1st floor landing. I want to decorate in the Arts & Crafts style as I love that aesthetic, although I am sure there will be a fantasy element creeping in... All my dollshouses are set in the village of Mooredge-in-the-Mist, in a land much like England was long ago, only magic is real and the woods are enchanted. I am so excited to be bringing another little piece of this world to life...


  1. Hi Bryony. I stumbled upon your blog last night, thanks to the blog list of Natalia. You have a dollhouse that dream for a while 'time and I did not know existed. I was in fact planning to build its own, although I have no experience. I looked far and wide, quickly, your entire blog, and I discovered that we have very similar tastes and ideas. Do you think. after two years, you can still buy this dollhouse, or Elphin has completely stopped working?

  2. As far as I know they are still being made - all I can suggest is to email George (ElphinDH @
    I hope he is still making them, it is such a beautiful house!

    1. Thank you for having responded to me. I will continue to read your blog. I find it very interesting that rigorous style that appeals to me, but I can not keep, because I let myself sometimes influenced by other things that I like.